Projects and Initiatives


Teixeira, Pinto & Soares, SA is a company with future-oriented business principles and standards. The results obtained over the years show that we have managed to preserve the loyalty of our business partners and customers, based on a relationship of trust, competence and responsiveness. We consider Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety as pillars of strengthening and sustainability of our business, which in turn allows us to continuously improve the company's performance.



At TPS, SA, we understand and emphasize the importance of internships, curricular and professional, at the end of school training. These internships are a form of integration into the labor market, preparing "newcomers" for a new routine.
In this way, we are able to offer fundamental practical tools for the future and know-how about business organization, inserting interns in an environment conducive to their learning, both on site and at our headquarters, through our team of trained and consistent professionals.


Training is a process through which people learn and/or improve knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that are relevant to the best performance of their work. This process helps to correct gaps in the results of employees and encourage individual improvements, always oriented towards achieving the organization's goals, improving performance in the function.
In this sense, Teixeira, Pinto & Soares, SA invests in the annual planning of Training Management, seeking to provide its employees with opportunities for improvement and new learning, appropriate to their work position and in harmony with the company's strategic objectives.