• 19 July, 2022

📖 Book “25 years TPS – The art of (re)building memory”

Teixeira, Pinto & Soares marked its 25th anniversary with the book “25 years TPS – the art of (re)constructing memory”.

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  • 18 July, 2022

News – Newspaper Postal do Algarve

Get to know better the history, the path, the evolution and the prospect for the future of our company in the civil construction sector!

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  • 13 July, 2022

News- Newspaper Construir

The newspaper Construir published an article about our company, which talks about its current situation and the goals it aims for the future!

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  • 19 April, 2022


Time goes by too fast! It was in 1997 with Fernando da Cunha Soares at his helm that the history of Teixeira Pinto & Soares began to take its first steps.

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  • 4 April, 2022

TPSMAG Magazine – 1st EDITION

Teixeira Pinto & Soares launches with great satisfaction the 1st edition of the TPSMAG magazine.

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